chocolate & spice

After a long day at school, it’s nice to have a little break from life and enjoy some cute desserts and food. I had visited Rolling in the Dough, which only featured a bakery. Chocolate & Spice Rolling in the Dough had both a bakery and cafe, so I was able to enjoy a full meal. The atmosphere is quite nice and each table has a fresh vase of flowers. The napkins were tied with colorful ribbons which I thought looked quite pretty, and the presentation of different tables and chairs gave the place a homey feeling. The food was delicious as well. I ordered tomato basil soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. The soup was hot and rich which paired nicely with the cheesy, light sandwich. For dessert, I ordered the neapolitan bomb, which was just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. According to the waitress, the bomb had just been added to the dessert list and I thought rightfully so, as it was creamy and sweet. The hard chocolate shell on the outside was a nice contrast to the mousse on the inside.

Overall, I enjoyed the food. The prices were not too high and the atmosphere was friendly.
IMG_3990 IMG_3991


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